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It's been a long while since I posted anything of value.  A lot of stuff has changed in my life, and I'm here and okay.  I have 6 babieth to love: 4 cats, 1 goldfish, and 1 snapping turtle.  I don't have my stepdad anymore.  I've been on meds for a while and emotionally, I feel pretty good!  I'm still with the love of my life, Markie, and I'm mostly over all the crap I've been through.  I'm just done with it, ya know?  It's time to move forward and away.

I don't have a job yet per se, but I'm volunteering, and I hope to make a little niche for myself.  I feed fishies and turtles!  I clean skimmers and cricket enclosures!  I absolutely love it.

I hope I can continue to improve my life.  I really want to just do my thing and forget the negativity.

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