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I'm the sort of person who bites her tongue a lot in order to keep things peaceful, but I really gotta rant (to myself and this journal) about something I read on fb yesterday.  A friend of a friend (girl I don't know very well) posted something about people not knowing how good they have it.  Specifically it was:

"Sometimes I read people's posts on facebook and compare it to their photos or previous posts and I think to myself, 'HERE'S YOUR SIGN.' Some people don't know how good they have it!"

I replied with the following:
"sometimes people need help to see it"

which got a reply of:

Generally, this is a true concept, I suppose, but I really didn't like the way she said it.  Fb is annoying like that; people just spout opinion blurbs whenever they have the whim, and these opinions are sometimes about things and people they know nothing about.  I guess in a way I feel "guilty" for being one of those people who "don't know how good they have it," but honestly isn't it MY life?  Shouldn't I be able to call out what is "good" or "bad" in MY life?  Shouldn't I be able to appreciate what I choose to appreciate at MY pace?  Also, shouldn't I be able to choose what I post on MY fb--negative or positive?  Don't I have the right to appreciate my good things in the privacy of my real life and not have to spout them all over fb?

I was just offended because this girl is judging people she might not even know.  If someone doesn't see the positives you think they should see and maybe complains a lot about the bad things, it might be because this person has some sort of mental issue.  Personally, I have struggled with depression for a long-ass time, and I've made my share of negative posts (which are about me and hurt no one else).  In this journal itself, I have always tended to write down the negative rants of my life as an outlet.  Good things aren't generally mentioned because I'm busy LIVING the good things!  I have no need to "rant" or document them!  My entire life isn't pasted online.

What made this girl's comment even worse was the "lol" after my comment that some people need help to see the good things in their lives.  How is that funny?  Some people have issues or bad spells in their lives and deserve a little compassion.  I guess I should just chalk up her entire post as jealousy.  She's clearly jealous of others' "good things" and is annoyed that they don't appreciate them.  I can understand that too; it's an entirely human emotion.  But I still don't like the incredibly mean, judging nature of this post.

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